Selangor Journal: Selangor FC launches third, limited edition kits

SHAH ALAM, May 3 — Selangor FC (SFC) today launched their 2021 season’s third and limited edition kits via their website and all social media platforms in conjunction with the 85th anniversary of the Selangor team as a football team in Malaysia.

SFC in a statement today said among the most notable uniqueness of these two jerseys, was the use of the first-ever recorded Selangor football team logo which has a bullhead motif (Banteng / Bos javanicus) and is surrounded by a rice stalk pattern.

“This jersey is the first jersey of the Selangor football team produced with the logo because it has never been used in previous editions of Selangor jerseys,” it said.

For the record, the Selangor football team was established in 1936 after two football entities, the Selangor Amateur Football League (SAFL) and the Selangor Football Association (SFA) merged on February 22, 1936, before being branded as the Selangor Football Association (FA of Selangor).

It said the club also introduced a special edition jersey to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the Red Giants in the Malaysian football scene.

“This special edition jersey is limited to 1,936 pieces only and is sold in a set that also contains exclusive items such as suitcases, clothes hangers engraved with the SFC logo, certificate holders and certificates with a unique serial number for each piece of jersey,” it added.

The latest SFC jerseys are now available and can be purchased on the official website of with a price of RM109 for the third jersey and RM299 for an exclusive set of special edition jerseys.

— Bernama

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