Sustainable Gastronomy Day 2020

Do you know what is Sustainable Gastronomy? Gastronomy refers to the arrangement of food on a plate. Sustainable Gastronomy altogether is an appreciation of food where it is being interpreted into an art on a plate. This celebration recognises and values the sources of food, from the growth of the ingredients to the preparation and finally the presentation on the plate. The action represents the symbiosis of the nature and the culture of the people where the food is staple for everyone in every country and nation.

Each year on 18th of June, The United Nations (UN) designate the day as Sustainable Gastronomy Day. Our state of Selangor would not want to miss this day, where we get to exhibit our rich food heritage from traditional to modern delicacies and cuisines that also define our state identity.

To all food enthusiasts out there, this is your day. Have a Happy Sustainable Gastronomy Day!


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