Selangor Journal: Selangor multimillion ringgit flat refurbishment scheme to improve social well-being

SHAH ALAM, May 14 — The millions of ringgit allocated each year for the refurbishment of low-cost apartments in Selangor is meant to ensure even those living in the most modest accommodations benefit from improved living conditions.

Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri Amirudin Shari said this is as the state government believes the quality of housing inherently contributes to social well-being.

“In Selangor, we have the Caring Government for Residence Improvement Aid (Ceria) scheme to help repair property damages. The state established this scheme specifically to assist low- and medium-cost apartments in Selangor.

“Examples of facilities covered under this aid include lifts, parking lots, corridors and playgrounds. (This year) the state government has allocated RM7 million to address as many issues as possible,” he posted on X today.

Amirudin said it was with a sense of compassion and care on the part of the government that the scheme was first initiated over 10 years ago.

“This is to ensure no Selangor resident is neglected in the effort to enhance the people’s quality of life.”

The Menteri Besar said those who wish to obtain further information about the scheme can visit

Previously, on February 20, state executive councillor for housing and culture Borhan Aman Shah announced the RM7 million allocation under the Ceria scheme to refurbish low-cost apartments this year.

He said priority will be given to those who register for assistance first.

The initiative was introduced to aid in repairing shared property damages in low- and medium-cost apartments in Selangor, on the condition that joint management bodies (JMB) must be registered with the government and have good financial standing.

To qualify for the scheme, JMBs must apply through the e-Ceria website. State agencies will then resolve the issues in stages.

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