Selangor Journal: Improved affordable sales programme to benefit more people - MB

SHAH ALAM, MAY 16 — The Selangor government’s affordable sales initiative Jelajah Ehsan Rakyat (JER) will continue on with various improvements, including coordinating it with Putrajaya’s Jualan Rahmah programme.

Dato’ Seri Amirudin Shari said that the through the collaboration, the quantity and types of essential goods sold at each location would be increased, thereby benefiting more people in the state.

“We will continue the affordable sales program. It will be even better when we collaborate with the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Costs of Living through Jualan Ehsan Rahmah.

“Therefore, with the increased number of items offered, it would provide more savings, which would benefit more people in the state. We hope to implement it next month, subject to further discussions,” said the Menteri Besar when met after the Malaysia Book of Records (MBOR) Award Ceremony and the Selangor Agricultural Development Corporation’s (PKPS) Majlis Ehsan Raya Aidilfitri event at Wisma PKPS, here yesterday.

At the event, PKPS received recognition from the Malaysia Book of Records (MBOR) for the largest subsidised chicken and egg sales within a two-day period in conjunction with Aidilfitri.

During the last week of Ramadan, PKPS, in collaboration with the Selangor Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (Fama) and Koperasi Warga Hijrah Selangor Berhad (KoHijrah), also organised a mega Aidilfitri sales event at 23 locations to ease the burden of the people during the festive season.

Meanwhile, Amirudin said that the JER initiative has benefited approximately 2.5 million Selangor residents since it was introduced in September last year, with an allocation of around RM37 million.

“We will reorganise JER, which will remain in the nine state constituencies and some will become Jualan Ehsan Rahmah. We will start with two or three places first,” he said.

Under the management of PKPS, the affordable sales programme offers standard chickens for RM10 each, frozen meat (RM10 per pack), Grade B eggs (RM10 per tray), mackerel fish (RM6 per pack), five-kilogramme cooking oil (RM25), and five-kilogramme rice (RM10).

Following the encouraging response, the state government has expanded the initiative to 1,200 locations since January 16.

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