Selangor Journal: Forest reserves in Selangor expanding as development locations replaced — MB

KUALA SELANGOR, July 3 — The area of ​​forest reserves in the state continues to increase even as some areas have been earmarked for development, said Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri Amirudin Shari.

He said the state government used a larger land replacement method for these certain areas.

“Even from before, if a forest is gazetted, the area will be replaced with another. So in Selangor, they (​​forest reserves) do not decrease but instead increase.

“We take an acre and replace it with two acres of new forest area. This is something we take into account in the management of Malay reserve land. The lands replaced exceed that which is taken,” Amirudin said.

The Menteri Besar was speaking at the Jelajah Harapan Selangor roadshow in Kampung Permatang Field, Tanjung Karang, yesterday evening.

He was responding to news reports of certain quarters alleging that Selangor was greedily destroying the environment.

“Sometimes they attack without self-reflection, one of the things Selangor is strongly charged with is avariciously destroying forests, with Harakah leading the charge. They do not see what has happened in Kelantan or in Kedah,” said Amirudin in response to a report by Harakah Daily on June 16.

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