NST: PM Anwar urges Malaysians to boost local economy by choosing Malaysian goods

PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim wants more local businesses and products to venture into international market, while encouraging Malaysians to buy and use locally produced goods.

He said the move would not only benefit local, small and medium business growth but also stimulate the country's economic growth.

Speaking at the Malaysian Goods Carnival 2023 (Karnival Barangan Malaysia 2023) at IOI Exhibition and Convention Centre here today, Anwar said he has made it a routine to opt for Malaysian products first, when compared with big brand names product.

"We must not feel shy or be afraid to promote Malaysian made products locally, as long as the quality and standards of the goods are on par with branded or imported items.

"Malaysians often have high taste, although one may only earn RM2,000 a month but their taste for things might be RM400 for a shirt. Even for coffee, Malaysian would opt to go for famous brands, compared to ordinary tea stalls.

"Many people might feel ashamed of eating at roadside stalls, but for me I've made it a routine that every Friday after prayers, i will stop by a local roadside stall for my lunch. This is a practice which I have followed for a long time.

There is nothing to be ashamed of eating at roadside stalls, he said.

"Locally produced food are not only affordable in price but food at such stalls are more delicious compared to high end eateries," he said in his officiation speech today.

Anwar has been doing this since he became Prime Minister in November 2022.

Anwar said he will be leaving for Japan tomorrow and with him, he will bring along locally made Batik clothes to wear on one of the dinner nights with the Japanese dignitaries.

"Don't be deceived by the promotions and advertisements that you see from big names/brands and become influenced (to buying those).

We have our own local products and the goods produced by local businesses are good and on par with imported items," Anwar said adding that buying Malaysian goods also helps generate the country's economy.

He added that often Malaysians are blinded by big brand advertisements, but fail to realise that big brands have high advertising capital to spend on promotion and marketing, especially like US and UK, unlike local businesses.

He added that imported goods are not necessarily better in terms of quality and it is time for Malaysians to consider opting for local produce too.

Anwar also called on the Cabinet of Ministers to be serious in promoting and supporting Malaysian products

"Ministers, deputy ministers, chief secretaries and friends take extra steps (to promote Malaysian goods), seriously.

He also reminded Malaysian product operators to continue to improve the quality of their products in order to be able to compete with international brands and companies.

"Dozens of (local) companies have ventured into the international market of not only ASEAN but several European countries too. Young people are urged to follow in the same direction and make sure the quality of products improves," he said.

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