Mental Health Key to a Resilient Workforce

During the MCO, the Selangor State Government allocated RM1 million to consolidate mental health programmes. Aside from providing for our citizens to exercise good habits during the lockdown to manage our mental health, we have also committed our resources to provide better capacity building for Selangor talents as we rehabilitate our economy. We have allocated RM58 million to build a more resilient workforce with Selangor Kerjaya, RM3 million with Rakan Digital Selangor to make micro-businesses more digital savvy, RM2 million under RiDE to empower our youths in the gig-economy while spending RM18 million to make sure we provide internet to as many and as far as we can in Selangor.

All these initiatives will not only contribute to the economic rejuvenation of Selangor, but more importantly provide platforms for Selangorians to grow and upskill themselves under the Capacity Building pillar as presented during the Selangor Economic Recovery Plan.

In the meantime, look after yourselves by maintaining the below.

1. Stay close to daily routine and be proactive
2. Exercise daily
3. Declutter your home
4. Practice meditation to strengthen patience
5. Keep your social and community relationships alive
6. Recite positive affirmation and be grateful even for the little things
7. Be involved in community services
8. Evaluate yourself

(Source: Selangor Task Force COVID-19)


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