World Urban Forum (WUF 10)

I was given the opportunity to deliver a speech at the World Urban Forum (WUF10), and pointed to the audience that some of the problems being tackled under Smart Selangor actually is inline with the aim of SDGs outlined by UNDP, such as Skim Peduli Sihat, Institut Wanita Berdaya even HIJRAH microcredit programme.

We are aware of the multiple goals that we are trying to reach with the current initiative. We understand that the challenge is not only to develop the necessary solution, but also to prioritize which SDGs that we need to tackle first.

I believe Shah Alam is on the right track for this, as they will be the pioneer and example to other local councils in Selangor to improve the delivery system and leading SGD-fulfilling smart city.

May Shah Alam become the first city in the region to present their report in New York by July 2020.

#WUF10 #SelangorMajuBersama

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