Belanjawan Selangor 2021

Share Your Suggestions for Belanjawan Selangor 2021

The Belanjawan Selangor 2021 Dialogue kicked off with high spirits at Setia City Convention Centre on Monday, with participants were actively discussing and sharing ideas about Selangor’s future economy. It featured many illuminating sessions around our 5 Belanjawan Selangor 2021 pillars:

Agriculture, Tourism and Agrotourism
Public Health and Liveable Cities
Micro Entrepreneurship, Digitalization and Urban Poverty
Wealth Creation
Creative Industry

The annual budget presentation is as a guideline to further enhance the progress and development of the state, for the benefit of Selangorians. Our expert panelists contributed their ideas and advice that will help us formulate the best state budget for a post COVID-19 economy. But we would like to hear what you have to say about Belanjawan Selangor 2021.

I invite all Selangorians to contribute your ideas and suggestions to make Belanjawan Selangor 2021 more inclusive. Share your thoughts and concerns with us at


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