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Selangor Journal: With over 1.9 mln transactions, CEPat sees close to 90,000 users — Exco

SHAH ALAM, Nov 29 — The Citizen E-Payment (CEPat) digital platform has recorded over 1.9 million transactions and about 90,000 registered users as of October 2022.

State executive for industry and trade Dato’ Teng Chang Khim said that the mobile app was developed using an allocation amounting to RM5.9 million from the Menteri Besar Selangor (Incorporated) or MBI.

CEPat is a centralised electronic payment application for government-paid services in Selangor such as assessment tax, license, compound, rental and many more.

“To date, there are 62 services offered in CEPat covering 11 Selangor state local authorities and seven mediums available for user choice,” he said in response to Bukit Lanjan state assemblyman Elizabeth Wong Keat Ping during Question Time at the Selangor State Legislative Assembly sitting, here today.

Teng was replying to the question on the latest updates of the programmes under the Smart Selangor Delivery Unit (SSDU) and the total funds allocated for the state agency.

The following are the latest updates on other initiatives run by SSDU:

C5i Smart Selangor Operation Centre (SSOC)

In December 2021, SSOC was in operation 24 hours a day for flood incident management. Several entities were in action collaboratively then, namely the State Disaster Management Unit, the State Government’s Corporate Division, the SSDU and the Selangor State Civil Defense Force (APM).

SSDU was tasked to ensure all eight emergency lines and ICT hardware as well as facilities at SSOC were functioning properly, assisted the State Disaster Management Unit in answering calls from flood victims and recorded them centrally for further action by the related parties.

The centre was completed in November 2020 and is located in Dewan Jubli Perak at the Selangor State Secretariat Building and is equipped with various facilities such as an operating room with a capacity of 22 people, a meeting room, a media room, a staff lounge, hardware and equipment such 45 units of display panels and 1 unit of display control software, closed-circuit cameras (CCTV), high-speed internet services (Gigabit) and others.

It also has GenSet capability to support the operation of SSOC for up to 24 hours. The State Disaster Management Unit leads the operation at SSOC and is assisted by SSDU.

Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System (ITMS)

The implementation of ITMS used up to RM1.3 million of the state government grants. This pilot project monitors traffic at Persiaran Kewajipan, USJ through the use of CCTV, telecommunication network connections and the development of road data analytics.

The digital data collection, 24-hour monitoring and data analysis can help Subang Jaya City Council to identify and plan more effective traffic distribution methods based on the facts obtained.

Selangor Intelligent Transport System (SITS)

To date, SITS has 50,000 active users with 200,000 downloads and to enable the application, it has used a total of RM1 million from the state government grant.

SITS helps Selangor Smart Bus users identify bus routes, bus stop locations and expected bus arrivals in near real-time.

In addition, users can report incidents of dangerous driving by bus drivers and make reports in the event of personal belongings being accidentally left behind on the buses.

Intelligence Response Selangor (i-RS)

Developed using a state government fund of RM1.4 million, nearly 37,000 potholes have been patched since it was developed in 2016, involving 12 Selangor state local authorities, nine district Works Departments and the Selangor State Office as well as nine Selangor Land and District Offices.

The efficiency rate of local authorities can also be monitored and managed to achieve a rate of more than 90 per cent for the efficiency of patching potholes owned by local authorities within the set period.

This backend system was developed to process all reports of potholes by the public that are reported through Waze.

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