Selangor Journal: Selangor seeks to improve arts, culture prog in line with the times — Exco

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 30 — The state government wants the Rentak Selangor community arts and culture programme to be improved in the coming years so that it remains relevant with the times.

State executive councillor of culture and heritage Borhan Aman Shah said this endeavour requires participation from the relevant parties in collecting information and recording activities which are still being practised in Selangor.

“There is a need for careful planning and regular implementation, via the involvement of the education and tourism sectors. This will ensure that art, culture and heritage can be passed on as valuable assets to future generations.

“I call on the people of Malaysia, especially in Selangor, to continue joining hands in energising and empowering these treasures of our heritage, so they may continue to be practised and listed on the global stage,” he said.

Borhan was speaking at the opening ceremony of the Konsert Rentak Selangor dan Manifestasi Keroncong, at the Malaysian Tourism Center (Matic) along Jalan Ampang, yesterday evening.

Konsert Rentak Selangor was first introduced in 2016 as an effort to promote the arts, culture and heritage, by providing a performance platform.

It also provides space for notable cultural heritage figures and cultural arts activists from various communities in Selangor to share knowledge with one another.

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