Selangor Journal: Over 3,000 Sungai Ramal senior citizens receive RM100 vouchers for birthdays

SHAH ALAM, Sept 26 — Close to 3,500 senior citizens in the Sungai Ramal state constituency were given RM100 shopping vouchers from January to October, said its assemblyman Mazwan Johar.

He said Skim Mesra Usia Emas (SMUE) enables recipients to purchase necessities at selected supermarkets, in order to reduce their expenses.

“Last week we distributed vouchers to 800 recipients who were born in July and August. In the immediate future, we will also distribute them to recipients who were born in September and October.

“We hope more will be able to benefit from the scheme. At the same time, inflation has driven the elderly to register with us, so as to reduce their expenditures,” Mazwan told SelangorKini.

SMUE was first introduced over a decade ago as a gesture of appreciation to senior citizens, with each applicant receiving shopping vouchers and death benefits.

The 2022 Selangor Budget allocated RM27.5 million for the continuation of the programme this year.

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