Selangor Journal: Nearly RM200,000 earned from Jualan Prihatin Rakyat since February

GOMBAK, March 14 — The Jualan Prihatin Rakyat programme held at the state constituency service centres throughout Selangor has managed to recover a total of RM180,000 in sales since it was launched on February 28.

Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri Amirudin Shari said the sale of affordable daily necessities including chicken, eggs, fish and beef has been met with an encouraging response from the residents in every constituency.

“For example with chicken, at times up to 800 can be sold in any given location, with 6,000 sold thus far. We had to limit each family to two chickens, so 3,000 families have already benefited from the programme.

“I predict this number will increase from time to time, as the programme will travel to many more state constituencies, thereby encouraging its residents to purchase,” he said after his field visit to observe Jualan Prihatin Rakyat at the Sungai Tua state constituency yesterday.

Amirudin and his wife Datin Seri Masdiana Muhamad also visited the programme at Taman Gombak Permai in Gombak, where they were welcomed by Selangor Agricultural Development Corporation (PKPS) chief executive officer Mohamad Khairil Mohamad Razi.

The Menteri Besar said asides from the aforementioned items other daily necessities are also sold through the programme, including oil, onions and rice.

“The number of items sold depends on the supply, and if there are any we will bring it to the residents.

“Although the programme is temporary and not all the time, we believe it can reduce the burden of consumers, hence why it was implemented as it benefits many,” he said.

Jualan Prihatin Rakyat is held every weekend in all 64 state constituencies throughout Selangor, with the aim of reducing the burden of the people in the wake of rising costs. The initiative will run until Hari Raya Aidilfitri this year.

Up to 10,000 chickens, 3,100 kg of fresh beef, 6,200 kg of mackerel and fly fish (selayang) as well as 315,000 Grade B eggs will be sold throughout the programme.

Via Jualan Prihatin Rakyat, a standard chicken is sold at RM12 apiece, fresh solid beef at RM35 per kg, Grade B eggs for RM10 per board or 24 eggs, with mackerel and fly fish at RM8 per pack.

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