Selangor Journal: More efficient management of state road assets via Srams — MB

SHAH ALAM, March 16 — The state government will use the Smart Road Asset Management System (Srams) to monitor, identify and repair damaged roads more quickly and efficiently.

The system, which supports the application reporting potholes in roads (IRS) created by the Smart Selangor Delivery Unit will make it easier for the public to file complaints that are accompanied by photos.

Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri Amirudin Shari said it will also help government agencies to analyse the condition of highway assets that were affected by the major floods in Selangor at the end of last year.

“Through this system, users can not only file reports on a road’s quality and the shape of the ground’s surface but also include other accessories such as lights, traffic lights and road dividers.

“The system is very efficient, hence why we requested it be combined with IRS, whereas before reports were made by the public on the Waze system,” he said during Srams’ launch earlier today.

Speaking at the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Building, Amirudin said public complaints reporting methods will be expanded to social media using special hashtags.

He added the system will be used by all local authorities (PBT) as late as June, to standardise assets and roads maintenance.

“We will see how it goes, perhaps by the middle of the year we will begin to combine the system with all PBTs, as for the time being it is still with the Selangor Public Works Department,” Amirudin said.

The technology developed by Selgem Sdn Bhd via local experts early last year combines artificial intelligence, detection, and light expansion.

Encompassing smart drones and 360-degree cameras, it includes the process of identifying road damage such as potholes automatically, workflow digitisation and complaints.

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