NST: Selangor Sultan unhappy over poor turnout among Jais frontliners for vaccine

SHAH ALAM: The Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Alhaj expressed unhappiness and disappointment when informed that only 203 out of 873 Fardhu Ain and Kifayah (Kafa) teachers, mosque committee members and marriage officials in the state had attended the special Covid-19 vaccination programme for Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) frontliners today.

In a statement uploaded at the Selangor Royal Office Facebook, it was even more upsetting for the Sultan that 96 of the 203 who attended the programme rejected the vaccine.

The Sultan said that those who refused to be vaccinated will be looked into and a decision will soon be made on the action to be taken against them.

"What happened has upset His Royal Highness due to stubbornness of several individuals who will only make it difficult for the people, especially the students who will continue their Kafa studies," said in the statement today.

The Sultan stressed that various initiatives and methods were used including urging from the Sultan himself, together with cooperation from Jais and the Selangor Health Department to ensure the wellbeing of Muslims in the state.

"This includes making it easier to administer Covid-19 vaccination to mosques and religious department staff in order to enable the people to return to perform prayers and religious activities," said in the statement.

Following this, Jais will present names of those refusing to be vaccinated this Friday to the Sultan.

Jais director Datuk Mohd Shahzihan Ahmad said this came after the Kafa teachers, mosque committee members and solemnisation assistant registrar from Jais refused to be vaccinated even though a special programme was organised for them.

"Yesterday the Sultan asked me to present all the facts about the programme, especially those who did not attend, for discussion on further action to be taken against them," he said.

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