Liverpool JUARA Premier League 2019/2020

Today we can finally celebrate our return to the summit of English football after 30 long years. The wait was painful to many of us, but it was also a meaningful one for all of us. It began soon after agony and devastation of Hillsborough that still haunts us till today, and took us through the many false dawns of the Premier League age to the rock bottom of the Yanks’ regime. Despite the bright spots in between - the 2001 Treble, Istanbul 2005 - we know that the gap between us and all the previous champions were big, and that we have lost our Liverpool Way. But we have always believed in us. We have always held our head up high, not being afraid of the dark as we endured. Because we always had faith in a golden sky at the end of the storm. And now we are deservedly here, smashing top flight record after top flight record. We did this together. We never walked alone.

Congratulations Liverpool FC for #19 Thank you Klopp and team, thank you players, thank you everyone at the club, thank you FSG, thank you the city of Liverpool and thank you to everyone that has always believed.

This is all ours!

And I hope that I can implement key learning points from how FSG and Klopp created a winning team and a winning mentality, and use it to help me help you make Selangor a better state for us all.

Kita adalah satu pasukan. Bersatu kita tak terkalahkan. Marilah kita bersama membangun bangsa yang berbudaya serta negeri yang makmur sentosa.

#YNWA #SelangorMajuBersama

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